This is the personal blog of David Vogt, from Switzerland. This site is mainly about my adventures in software development. Some stories are about things I learn at work, other stories are about my private projects.

I try to keep this site about technical stuff, mostly programming and other software topics, but may occasionally also write about my hobbies, like mountain biking or RC helicopters.

About the author

I’m working as head of the software development department at Adfinis SyGroup AG in Bern, a company dedicated to providing open source technologies to businesses and organisations in Switzerland and it’s neighbouring countries.

Working mostly with Python these days, but try to learn new stuff as much as I can, like Erlang, Rust, and more. I’m also interested in learning how computers work on all levels, so one of my (slower) side projects is to build a full computer, from scratch. Some experiments in this direction can be found here as well.